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Enjoy the 골드몽 safely at the reel game State

Sea story is exactly the same version as the existing sea narrative machine. For that reason, it can move in precisely the exact same manner as the present sea story game and briefly guide the rules of this sea narrative game, please refer to this enjoyable use – game advancement of the input coin. If the coin has been dropped and hit by the starfish, the game is played in a way that the lower part spins.

Add a machine information message (Present machine information is hard). Bindai sometimes not seen the above items were last updated. Mobile version closing installation file last updated on 2019.06.19 .If a player is installing before, please download and install it again from the site. When mobile connection isn’t available. There are times when mobile connection is bad and it is very rare. Server shuts down and it can’t connect.

There’s a space at the start, middle, or end of the ID and password entry, Please assess the space and log in, On 2019.05.20 this bug was fixed, If a player installed before 2019.05.20 please download and set up again, Mobile variant 야마토 game Aladdin Original has an Aladdin Jackpot, an inner jackpot that collects 2% per turn, Player wins if Aladdin Pozoker strikes the floor.

Yamato was imported to Japan based on the Japanese pachislot game prior to and following the ocean story wave. In the practice of stacking towers, the tower piling process is followed by an example. The number of stacking towers is 15 towers each circular, and the reel is rotated up to 100 times per round, and the reels rotate up to 1500 times per round. The sea story first appeared in the early 2000s when the national arcade game market was in recession. The sea story began to occupy the domestic reel game market immediately by raising the sea narrative boom from the beginning.

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