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But contact Adhesive from the specialist

With the pressure vessel procedure and the DS-708 EPDM adhesive quality, anyone can very quickly bond the EPDM roofing tasks in a way that is sustainable. It can make use of the pressure vessel system using EPDM glue for large roof surfaces for carport work. Together with EPDM adhesive, there was not as much utilize a rather inexpensive and convenient EPDM glue pressure vessel system which includes a rather large bonding value and requires no maintenance. The company has been supplying EPDM adhesive processors such as garden house manufacturers roofers, contractors, and DIY businesses with this EPDM adhesive system for 17 years.

Each spray adhesive quality is checked for quality per production, and the heat resistance of each glue is analyzed under tension. Buy contact adhesive with heat resistance and a very significant bonding value; it supplies confidence in of the adhesive projects. As a expert processor, the business delivers all the orders with 1. During the track & follow system, customers will soon probably be aware of delivery time and the shipping day. Buying contact glue in a spray glue pressure vessel process is an decision. Via start package, it might quickly and easily browse the spray glue pressure vessel system works and exactly what it needs to get the job done together with.

The roof business is switching instead of dealing with a compressor system together with all its disadvantages. Anyone can purchase EPDM adhesive directly from 750 ml spray cans, available in 22-liter pressure vessels, and the wholesaler. To obtain additional information on lijm epdm kindly check out Spuitlijmconcurrent.


A starter package can be ordered by Anybody directly. There are three different qualities at different rates. There is really a starter package for every application. The start package DS-408 is a start package with 2-2 liters. It’s a spray adhesive pressure container, sprays gun steel, and sprays nozzle 5.50 m. When interested look at the site and put the order.

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